31/7/21: Audio Foundation, A Room That Echoes w/ Kraus, Malcolm Riddoch
26/6/21: Audio Foundation, Partitions & Resonances #5 - Mieko Shiomi, Cat Lamb - Johnny Chang, Richard Francis, Keir GoGwilt, Samuel Holloway, Celeste Oram
27/11/20: Audio Foundation, Auckland w/ Rachel Shearer, Rosy Parlane and K-Group
15/10/20: Now Hear This! Festival, Unitarian Church, Auckland, collaborative set with Rachel Shearer and Rosy Parlane
2/2/2020: Speleo Sonics, Mt Eden Lava Cave, Auckland w/ Akio Suzuki, Aki Onda, Old Chips
19/10/2019: Objectspace, Auckland for A Short Run exhibition + Opawa 45s, Old Chips
20/10/2018: Nowhere Festival, Silo Park, Auckland w/ Rosy Parlane, K-Group, Bruce Russell, Empirical, Campbell Kneale
18/7/2018: Audio Foundation, Auckland w/ Jason Kahn
18/11/2017: Audio Foundation, Auckland w/ Omit, K-Group, Rosy Parlane, Rachel Shearer, Droszkhi
23/10/2015: Auricle, Christchurch
23/5/2015: Audio Foundation, Auckland w/ Rosy Parlane, Rachel Shearer, Droszkhi
4/7/2015: Te Tuhi, Auckland
26/9/2014: Audio Foundation, Auckland + Our Love Will Destry the World, Cross Talk
13/11/2014: With short film as part of the Audio Foundation Nowhere Festival at Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, Auckland + Antony Milton, Jane Austin
17/9/2013: K’Strich Zentrum Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen + Schrein, Sleavy Pictures of Teapee
4/10/2013: Vroom, Rotterdam + Robert Curegenven, Istanpool
13/10/2013: Cave 12, Geneva + Robert Curegenven
15/10/2013: Fragment, Metz + KK Null & The Noiser, SEC_ & Olivier Di Placido
19/10/2013: Noise to Signal + Alok/Shelf Index/Sin:Ned, Hong Kong
11/5/2012: Audio Foundation Listening Series, AFHQ, Auckland
12/9/2012: Villa K, Den Hague
18/9/2012: IMA_experiments #1: Richard Francis, Marc Behrens at Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe
21/9/2012: Gerauschwelten #65: Richard Francis, Machinefabriek, Xavier Charles at Black Box, Muenster
23/7/2011: 60-min live piece entitled ‘Familiars’ in response to Dane Mitchell’s show ‘Radiant Matter III’ at Artspace, Auckland
28/8/2011: Interpretation of a graphic score by Phil Dadson as part of his show ‘MUSIC in the EYE’ at Audio Foundation, Auckland
28/1/2011: solo and collab. set with Jason Kahn at Dunedin Public Art Gallery
29/1/2011: HSP, Christchurch, solo + collab w/ Jason Kahn & Antony Milton
30/1/2011: Adam Art Gallery, Wellington solo + collab w/ Jason Kahn
8/7/2010: Issue Project Room, New York
15/7/2010: Fotofono, New York
1/4/2010: Osage Soho, Hong Kong + Tetragammon
6/2/2010: The High Seas, Auckland + Bruce Russell (book launch for ‘Left Handed Blows: Writing on Sound 1993-2009’)
27/2/2009: The Physics Room, Christchurch, Solo + collab. w Bruce Russell
13/2/2009: St Paul Street Gallery, AUT, Auckland
18/12/2009: The High Seas, Auckland + Jeff Burch (Aus), Cathedrals (Nigel Wright and Tim Coster)
7/10/ 2009: Alt Music, Auckland
23/11/ 2008: The Toff, Melbourne + Robbie Avenaim
24/11/2008: Gallery De La Catessen, Adelaide + Pimmon
26/11/2008: Exeter, Adelaide
27/11/2008: IMA, Brisbane + Stern/Guerra, xNoBBQx
22/8/2008: Gus Fisher Gallery, University of Auckland
17/6/2008: Werkstatt für improvisierte Musik, Zurich
18/6/2008: Cave 12, Geneva
19/6/2008: Le 102, Grenoble
26/7/2008: A Centre For Art, Auckland
4/7/2008: Tuned City for ‘Das Kleine Field Recording Festival’, Berlin
21/6/2008: Staalplaat Store, Berlin
25/4/2008: Wine Cellar, Auckland + Nether Dawn
22/2/2008: Vitamin-S ‘SIC festival of improvised music’, Wine Cellar, Auckland
22/9/2007: Gus Fisher Gallery, University of Auckland
15/3/2007: Empress Hotel, Melbourne + Pateras / Baxter / Brown
6/3/2007: Wine Cellar, Auckland + Rosy Parlane, David Haines
12/2006-1/2007: Montreal, Northampton, Boston, New York + Howard Stelzer, Frans de Waard, Murmer
5/10/2006: Lines of Flight Festival, Dunedin
2005: Japan Tour Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto at Tokyo
2005: White Noise Records, Hong Kong
2005: Bomb the Space Festival, Auckland
2004: Telecom Prospect, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington
2004: Alt Music 3, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland
2004: Australia Tour Melbourne, Sydney + Birchville Cat Motel, Antony Milton
2004: Lines of Flight Festival, Arc Café/None Gallery, Dunedin
2003: Stark White Gallery, Auckland
2002: Bus Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2002: Hotwired Festival, Kenneth Myers Centre, University of Auckland
2002: Lines of Flight Festival, Arc Café, Dunedin
2002: Stark White Gallery, Auckland, NZ
2002: USA Tour San Francisco, Portland, Seattle
2001: Japan Tour Tokyo, Kokura, Oita, Nagoya, Osaka +  Birchville Cat Motel
5/10/2000: Lethe Voice Festival, Nagoya, Japan solo & collab with Kiyoharu Kuwayama
2000: Bullets, Tokyo, Japan
1999: Studio 80, Tokyo, Japan
1999: Ultimate Noise Party, Tokyo, Japan
1999: Tokuzo, Nagoya, Japan